Return Policy 退貨條款

- When a customer made a successful transaction online but there is not enough stock from us. We hold our right to cancel the bill and return the full amount to the customer without extra compensation.



- If our customers received a damaged products. Please let us know via either email within 24 hours. Stonebabyy is not to be responsible otherwise.



- With the our agreement and confirmation. Stonebabyy will notify the customer for the return arrangements. The fee incur in returning (i.e. delivery cost) is to be bore by the customer.

顧客請注意所有退貨費用 ( 例如 : 運輸費用 ) 是顧客自己負責的。


- Risks are always incur in delivery. Customers have the responsibility to return the product(s) safely to us.



- About the damaged goods: if they are caused by the buyer after the purchase, or the flaws are shown in the photos originally, they are not counted as damaged goods and not eligible for any return arrangement. 

關於損壞的貨品 : 如果貨品損壞是顧客在購買後出現或貨品有瑕疵 ( 已經在圖片上顯示出來 ),這些問題都不會列入退貨要求。


- If the customer received the goods in person, no return requests would be accepted.


- It is normal for natural crystals to have inclusions, natural marks and grains, and cloudy substances.



- Stonebabyy bears no responsibility for any unapproved return request.

我們有權拒絕無理的退貨要求 ( 例如 : 貨品不是天然 - 請提出合理証明或做了檢測,或者理由是我現在不喜歡 ) 


- We do our best to ensure that our photos makes the most truthful representation of our products. However due to different screen setting of different devices, there might be a slight color discrepancy. Please note that before purchase.



- Stonebabyy tries the best to ensure everything on our website and about our products are accurate and comprehensive. But we do not gurantee the information is the most up-to-date and a hundred percent accurate. If you consider the product does not match with the information provided. Please refer to our return policies. 



- In case of any dispute, Stonebabyy holds the right for the final decision.