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​點解要需要消磁/淨化 - 因為每個人都有不同的電波,所以要在購買水晶手鍊後進行一次消磁,將水晶之前吸收的電波清潔掉。

Why need to clean the stone - Because the stone usually contains other people's emotion and wave, so it is better to clean the stone before wear.

1. 晶洞/晶簇消磁法 - 把水晶放在白晶簇/白水晶洞入面。


Crystal Cluster / Amethyst Geode Cleaning - Simply put the stone on top of the cluster / inside the amethyst geode for one day.

2. 蒸餾水/礦泉水清水法 - 可以在家將水晶放進玻璃器皿,倒入蒸餾水/礦泉水,淨化大約一日就可以。

Mineral / Distilled water cleaning - Put the stone in the glass container with filled mineral / distilled water for one day.

3. 日光消磁法 - 把水晶放在可吸收到陽光的地方就可以。不過要注意某些晶石是不可以用這種方法

 ( 例如紫水晶,黃晶,粉晶等等 )


Sun Cleaning - Place the stone under sun. ( Please notice that some stones cannot use this method, such as amethyst ,citrine or rose quartz...etc. )

4. 土埋法 - 把水晶埋在土入面幾天

Soil Cleaning - Bury the stone in the soil for a couple of days.