Product Description 產品描述 :


阿賽斯特萊水晶有高頻振動能量, 是一款極少數集釋放及傳播能量的水晶, 可振動周遭的水晶 ! 阿賽斯特萊水晶有很強的修復情緒的能量, 更可開啟業力輪, 使我們清晰指引, 透視未來, 達成目標


Azeztulite crystal has high-frequency vibration energy. It is one of the very few crystals that can release and spread energy. It can vibrate the surrounding crystal ! Azeztulite crystal has a strong energy to restore emotions. It can also open the karmic wheel, so that we can clearly guide, see the future, and achieve our goals


Size ( 尺寸 ) : L 長 7.8cm x W 闊  2.9cm x H 高 2.2cm

Color ( 顏色 ) : Clear  / Milky White 透明 / 奶白 

Weight ( 重量 ) : 55g

產地 ( Origin ) : America 美國

*Actual color is a bit dim 實物顏色會暗少少










Azeztulite White Crystal Rough 阿賽斯特萊白水晶原石 ( 已售 / Sold )

庫存單位: Azeztulite_White_Crystal_Rough
  • Function of Rock Crystal 功效 :

    能增強記憶力, 安定情緒,令頭腦清晰, 對憂鬱有舒緩作用, 亦有助防幅射及淨化環境的負能量

    Keep a person's mind in clear. Help increase the learning ability and memory.


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